I have taught undergraduate courses at three major universities in Scotland and Turkey, and have offered creative writing workshops to students, budding writers, mental health patients, refugees and prison inmates in Scotland, Argentina, Turkey, Greece and Hungary. I love teaching, especially on topics that fascinate and confuse me, and am committed to always learning more about effective pedagogy. I was gifted the Scheherazade Award for Best Tutor by my students in Edinburgh, and received an Excellency in Teaching Award from Koç University, Istanbul.

Courses Taught:

Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey 

Imagining the Other

Women and Gender in Literature

Walrus Bookshop, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Striking from the Margins: Experiments in Creative Writing

University of Glasgow, Scotland

Writing and Ideology (as GTA)

Frontiers: Crossing Borders (as GTA)

Creative Writing Workshops (Beginners Level)

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Creative Writing Workshop & Seminars (Advanced Level)

Gebze Women’s Prison, Turkey

Writing as Therapy

Espacio Mumuki, Barcelona, Spain

Dancing with the Unconscious: Explorations in Creative Writing

* I have also offered one-off lectures and creative writing workshops at Brandeis University in the United States, at the Central European University in Hungary, at the Ionian University in Greece, at the universities of Yeditepe and Ticaret in Turkey, at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and at the Nike Headquarters in Istanbul.